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Things to do in Exuma

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Best Beaches in Exuma

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Now this is a topic of much family debate!

Ultimately, part of the Exuma experience is visiting a number of beaches and deciding for yourself which is your favourite. Do you want long sweeping powdery sand, a hidden grotto sheltered by rocks, access to snorkelling or walking distance to a great beach bar? There are also a number of beaches that offer opportunities to see all kinds of interesting sea life, or in one case pigs trying to impersonate sea life.

Our favourite beaches tend to be on Little Exuma. For the more 'famous' beaches on Great and Little Exuma look for a Beach Access road sign. However, there are a number of unique beach experiences (like swimming with pigs) accessible only by boat. For those accessible by boat it is best to go with a tour company. Click Here for pictures, descriptions and directions.

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