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Sandy Cay (aka White Cay) Exuma

While boat tours to visit the swimming pigs of Exuma are more famous, a boat tour from Little Exuma to White Cay is equally incredible.

We were able to have a boat pick us up right on Love Beach (Papaya House) on Little Exuma. White Cay, also known as Sandy Cay, is about 5 miles off the tip of Little Exuma. White Cay is famous for its incredible mile long sandbar. It is worth timing your visit for low tide for the optimal White Cay experience.
It is also the location of two Pirates of the Carribbean movies. In fact, the scene where they dig up the treasure chest is filmed there.
It is also remarkable for the rare White Cay Iguana. Remarkably, this species ONLY lives on this tiny cay.
You can see some of the photos below...hard to believe but the camera was not able to fully capture the incredible beauty of this magical spot. It is another world.
We also did some Wahoo fishing along the way, and caught an incredible fish that fed us and our neighbours for a week.
Several boat tours go to White Cay. We went with Drex Rolle who is also one of  the best fishing guides on the island. Truly a great day.
White Cay Exuma | Discover Exuma

White Cay Exuma

White Cay Exuma on this list of stunning beaches
Pirates of the Caribbean Shooting | White Cay Exuma, Bahamas
Pirates of the Caribbean on location, White Cay Exuma
Papaya House H3.jpg
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