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Exuma Photo Safari Challenge

An Exuma Photo Safari Scavenger Hunt
safari photo 1b yellow.png

Have you heard of the Big 5 in Africa? (Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo) or The Seven Summits? (The highest mountains on each of the seven continents)... well introducing The Exuma 11!

The Exuma 11  are eleven iconic Exuma animals that you can visit and photograph while in The Exumas Bahamas. Some are big, some are small and some are difficult to find and others are everywhere...but all are quintessentially part of the Exuma ecotourism experience.


The Exuma 11 are: the Green Turtle, Stingray, Rock Iguana, Sand Dollar, Swimming Pig, Hermit Crab, Nurse Shark, Queen Conch, Gecko, Giant Starfish, and Dolphin. (The Dolphin is the hardest - akin to spotting a Rhino in the Serengeti to complete the Big 5).

To add to the fun, we have created a series of Exuma Animal Digital Stickers to celebrate your scavenger hunt achievements.

giphy additional instructions 2.gif

Can you find all eleven?

Introducing the Exuma 11

STAMP 01 animated - sea turtle - solid w
STAMP 03 animated - swimming pig - solid
STAMP 02 animated - stingray - solid whi
STAMP 04 animated - sand dollar - solid
STAMP 07 animated - hermit crab - solid
STAMP 06 animated - rock iguana - solid
STAMP 09 animated - queen conch - solid
STAMP 05 animated - starfish  - solid wh
STAMP 08 animated - nurse shark - solid
STAMP 11 animated - dolphin - solid whit
STAMP 10 animated - gecko - solid white.

Here is how you play:


Access the Exuma Photo Safari stickers on Giphy here 

safari photo animated black.gif

More instructions on how to use Giphy and game 'rules' see the "More Instructions" link at bottom of this page.


Hashtag #discoverexuma and #exuma11 or #exumasafari so we can all enjoy your virtual vacation and Exuma safari shots!


If you spot all 11 animals post the "I Completed the Exuma 11" badge!


Exuma 11 Badge black.png

If you get them all post the “EXUMA 11” sticker and tag us at Instagram @Exuma_Info for repost!

polaroid photo safari 5 FIN.png
STAMP 03 animated - swimming pig - solid
Papaya House H3.jpg
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