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How to Book Private Plane to Exuma

Due to travel restrictions and concerns during the Covid pandemic many guests are interested in best private aviation options for Exuma.

Rules and schedules have changed you can see the latest travel information for Exuma and Bahamas here.

Some of the advantages of private charters are: you are in charge of your schedule, travel through private airports with no crowds and lines, ease of baggage and passport clearance, fly in comfort with just your family and friends, and a faster door to door trip.

Options for Exuma include both turbo-prop that are very efficient from closer destinations like Florida and light private jets from further destinations like Texas, Illinois and New York and larger jets for further destinations.

Private plane to Exuma, Stanielair

Pricing for private planes to Exuma varies dramatically based on type of aircraft, number of people and pick-up and destination airports. 

Pilots - Private plane to Exuma, Air Flight Charters

We have found that prices for a turboprop from cities in Florida for a plane that holds 4 to 8 people is about $10,000 to $12,000 USD return.

For longer jet trips from prices increase dramatically. A light jet from Houston or New York to Exuma that accommodates up to 6 to 8 passengers costs about $25,000 USD return (or more).

One of the added benefits for private aviation is that you can fly direct to Exuma from private airports avoiding connecting flights and dramatically reducing travel time (thereby extending vacation time!).

The code for Georgetown international airport is GGT. Adjacent to the airport is the private aviation building at Exuma International Airport with an airport code of MYEF.

In addition, several companies also offer individual seats or special offers when they have a plane in Exuma that is slated to return empty. This can be much more economic, either if you get lucky with schedules or you are very flexible with your travel plans.

The large number of private jet companies that service the Caribbean as well as classes and configuration of plane, can be a bit overwhelming.  Below is a short list of considerations to help with your travel arrangements. We have ignored fractional ownership and 'jet card' businesses (like Net Jets, Wheels Up, Vista and FlexJet etc) that require larger multiple flight commitments.

For individual trips here are several private plane companies that we have found particularly responsive, with experience flying into Exuma and The Bahamas. Staniel Air, Makers Air and Bahamas Air Charters both fly turbo prop out of Florida which are convenient and less expensive.

Makers Air and Staniel Air also sell individual seats when they have flights running to Exuma and may be worth a call if you don't want to charter a whole plane.


Bahamas Air Charters, JetLevel Aviation and FXair (owned by Directional Aviation that also owns FlexJet, SatientJet and PrivateFly) have access to both turbo props and variety of sizes and types of private jets for longer flights and larger groups:

Window view - Private plane to Exuma, Air Flight Charters

One of the nicest things about flying private, in addition to the convenience and comfort, is the incredible views as you follow the string of islands that dot the turquoise waters as you approach Exuma.

It is definitely a flight where everyone will want a window seat!

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