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Exuma Digital Sticker Collection

We have created a set of digital stickers that can be used on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Texting and more.

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We are adding new stickers and GIFs every week. Follow us on Instagram (@papayahouseexuma and @exuma_info) to see the latest stickers – collect and use them all.

More than 20 unique digital stickers and more being added every week!

To access the all stickers… visit our Instagram page and hit the Sticker Story Button

Sticker Button

Complete the simple follow / like / tag request and we will DM you the ‘code’ and easy instructions for how to use these stickers on social platforms and text messages on any iPhone, Android device or PC / Mac.

The stickers are © Papaya House 2021 and are not for re-sale or commercial purposes. That said, you are free to use them for entertainment purposes and reshare this page or the stickers/social posts. We also appreciate you using the hashtag #discoverexuma or tagging us @papayahouseexuma @exuma_info.


The Exuma Sticker Collection has been made to celebrate and share our enthusiasm and love for Exuma.

Have fun!

Ready for more fun?

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