25 Best Things to Do in Exuma


Swim with Turtles

Turtles can be spotted all over the Exumas but the absolute best place is Hoopers Bay just Northwest of Georgetown, Great Exuma. This is definitely a must do and makes our best things to do list in Exuma!

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Visit the Beaches of Little Exuma


Exuma has the best beaches in the world. And, the best of the best, we believe, are on Little Exuma.

The most famous of these is The Tropic of Cancer. It is both the longest beach on the island but is named after the meridian line which defines the start of the tropics that runs right through it.

There is an incredible beach trek and takes about an hour one way from Forbes Hill all the way to the start of the Tropic of Cancer. (The photo is the beach just northwest of Tropic of Cancer.)

Bring water and good shoes as you need to walk over stretches of coral. The closest beach bars are Santanas and Tropic Breeze also on Little Exuma.  Beach Trekking is a best thing to do while visiting Exuma for sure!


The Swimming Pigs

Perhaps the most iconic experience of all is swimming with the pigs. There are several spots all to the northwest from Great Exuma.   Boat tours leave from the little fishing village of Baraterre and do many stops including the piggies. Full day and half day as well as group and private at a variety of prices.


Doing one of these tours is highly recommended it is a lot of fun and you will get many great photos. In fact, these tours cover a number of the best things to do on Exuma!



Swim with Stingrays at Chat & Chill

Chat & Chill is a cool beach bar with hammocks and beach volleyball on stocking island (get a water taxi from the government dock in Georgetown). The restaurant does grilled food and fresh conch salad is made at a stand on the beach.


Attracted by the scraps of conch they sometimes get, this is also a great spot to see stingrays. This makes our best of Exuma list - we make sure to visit on every trip!



Finding Giant Starfish

You will often see giant starfish when you are out boating or snorkeling and they are one of the stops on the boat tours that go and see the swimming pigs.


Closer to Georgetown, Hamburger Beach on Stocking Island Is a good bet to find them. Ask the water taxi in Georgetown for directions. Another on the top 25 Things to Do while visiting Exuma.

Finding Giant Starfish | Best Things to Do in Exuma


Cocoplum Beach Swings and Sand Dollars

The now iconic Exuma swings can be found at Cocoplum Beach. It is great fun to wonder the flats at low tide and look for sand dollars.


More on best beaches in Exuma and directions click here.

Cocoplum Beach, The Beach Swings and Sand Dollars could all have been on our top Things to Do in Exuma list but we squeezed them into one entry to keep the list of Best Things to Do in Exuma to "just" 25!



Enjoy the Restaurants

The fresh seafood (fried conch, mahi-mahi, tuna, grouper, lobster and more) as well as tropical fruit, peas and rice and Bahamian Mac and Cheese with bit of spice are not to be missed. Pork and chicken dishes are also done to perfection often slow cooked with island spicing.


There are some great restaurants on Great and Little Exuma that we cover here. For those with young kids - as food is made to order it can take a while especially when a spot is busy so plan with this in mind. Part of the fun of the Exuman restaurant is enjoying the view and having another rum punch. No Best Things to Do list would be complete without a visit to the Best Restaurants of Exuma.  Check our directory for more best restaurants on Great and Little Exuma!



Swim with Sharks

The best place for this immersive experience is at Compass Cay. This is on many of the full day tours (with Pigs, Iguanas and Thundeball Grotto etc) - also on our Best things to do in Exuma list.


These nurse sharks are bottom feeders but they do have quite a bit of suction power so worth keeping your fingers and toes away from their mouths. See the directory for tour operators.

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