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The Exumas, and Great and Little Exuma in particular, are like no other place we have ever visited.

The Exumas are a district of the Bahamas consisting of a string of 365 islands (called Cays) that run for approximately 210 km (130 miles) to the south east of Nassau.  

The Exuma Cays are like string of pearls that follows a narrow line between the Exuma Sound and the Exuma Bank. It truly is other-worldly in its natural beauty.  

The "out islands", or "family islands" which include Great and Little Exuma are, in our opinion, the most beautiful and interesting of all. The Tropic of Cancer, the official start of the tropics, runs right through Little Exuma.

Great Exuma has an international airport (GGT) about 20 minute drive from capital, George Town. Little Exuma is about a 15 minute drive South East along the one main road (Queen's Highway #1).

Little Exuma is particularly quiet, connected by a small bridge to Great Exuma.

The bridge is famous with locals for great fishing and Little Exuma undoubtedly boasts the best beaches on the planet.

The population of the island is listed as 7,300. It is remarkably safe, with essentially zero crime. It is one of those places where everyone knows everyone else.   

​There are so many things to do in Exuma. Whether you want to find a beach with no one around, go on a tour for deep sea or bone fishing, take a tour to see the famous swimming pigs, or swim with the sharks or stingrays, there is something for everyone here. There are also beaches that are famous for starfish or sand dollars. Ecotourism is everywhere.

​Renting a kayak or a small boat is a particularly great way to spend a day getting to know the area.  

If you are looking for casinos, franchise restaurants and brand name retail then Exuma is not for you. Exuma is for winding down, not winding up. This is a place for t-shirts, shorts and flip flops.

Exuma Beach
Kayaking in Exuma, Bahamas
Pirates of the Caribbean Shooting | White Cay, Exuma, Bahamas

One of the things that makes this the "real" Bahamas is that all of the restaurants, bars and retail are locally owned - none of the familiar fast-food kings are here.

Sandy Cay | Exuma, Bahamas

If you appreciate the lost art of low key beach bars and great restaurants serving local specialties and fresh caught seafood then this is the place for you.

Our favourite restaurants are Shirley's at the Fish Fry and Tropic Breeze on Little Exuma. Santana's (also on Little Exuma) is likely the coolest beach bar in the world, made famous as the hang out for Johnny Depp and the cast of Pirates of the Carribbean when they were on location at the nearby Tropic of Cancer beach.

There are a number of great small hotels around the island. At the North West end of the island is the Sandals complex including a Greg Norman golf course. There are great beach rentals all over the island. We own and rent out Papaya House on Little Exuma. It is our little piece of perfect.

Great and Little Exuma is our favourite spot on earth. We hope you come visit.

Average Seasonal Temperatures for Exuma,  Bahamas
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