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Things to do in Exuma

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The Fish Fry

Just West of Georgetown, The Fish Fry is a collection of little restaurants that cook up some of the best food on the island.

The Fish Fry is low key, authentic and memorable. It is as much for locals as for tourists and is central to the Exuma experience. There are more than ten little restaurants serving fresh grilled and fried seafood, meats and other tasty Bahamian dishes. Charlie's does a great take way pizza. A few are open for breakfast and lunch. Most get going in the evening and it is not uncommon to be serving well past midnight. On Friday and Saturday night there is often music (usually a DJ) and revelry in the air. Our favourite is Shirley's - her curried and fried lobster are both incredible and she does a spicy pork chop with a sauce that has Cantonese influences and would not be out of place in the best Hong Kong restaurant, although served with macaroni and cheese and peas and rice it is perfectly Bahamian. Part of the fun is wandering around and choosing where you want to eat. Grab some food and a drink and either stay in your chosen restaurant or stake out a picnic bench by the water overlooking a ship graveyard. No Exuma trip is complete without a visit to The Fish Fry.

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