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Things to do in Exuma

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Exuma - music and entertainment

What is happening this week in Exuma?

Part of the fun of Exuma is being on "island time", where you drift along without a schedule.

That said, there are some fun happenings - especially music and food - that only happen on certain days that are worth knowing about. At certain times of the year there are regattas, music festivals, and holiday parades that aren't to be missed. You can get a weekly calendar, which is put out on Mondays, at the Tourist Office (above the Royal Bank in Georgetown). This helpful sheet covers what's going on for the next few days. As of the writing of this blog, here are some of the usual weekly highlights: Sunday - Restaurants and bars open but food and retail stores all closed. - Pig Roast starting at noon at Chat & Chill on Stocking Island - Exuma Point has a beach BBQ and short boat trip to see swimming pigs (extra charge) Monday - Rake and Scrape band at Eddie's Edgewater in Georgetown in the evening Tuesday - For the uber-adventurous there is a mail boat that goes to Long Island leaving at 4am and returning in the afternoon. Wednesday - Reggae Band at Catch A Fire restaurant - great sunsets Thursday - Rake and Scrape band at Peace and Plenty in Georgetown in the evening from 7pm Friday - DJ at Fish Fry starting about 10pm and going late - Band at Exuma Beach Resort in evening Saturday - Remember that food and beer/liquor stores are closed tomorrow! - Exuma Point Buffet BBQ and swimming pigs (extra charge) - DJ at Fish Fry starting at 10pm and going late It is worth calling to confirm schedules (phone numbers in the directory) or visit the tourist office for current schedules.

Things to do in Exuma - music
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