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Things to do in Exuma

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Bonefishing - fun even without a rod

Exuma is famous for the Bonefish that inhabit the sand flats and mangroves. They are most plentiful around Little Exuma, particularly the mangrove (south) side. That said, they can be spotted all over the island and tend to feed in shallows in as little as a few inches of water, feeding with the incoming tide.

They sometimes follow stingrays and feed on the shrimp and crabs that are turned up in the sand.

First identified and classified in 1758, their Latin name, Albula Vulpes, means white fox. They are slim and muscular silver fish that tend to average 3 to 5 pounds.

We spoke to a Bonefish guide who had worked these waters for 18 years and the largest he has caught was 14lbs. The world record is 35" and 19lbs. Bonefish can be found in schools or as individual fish.

Most anglers hire a bonefish guide because spotting them is an art form -- the guide follows feeding trails and looks for particular signs and flashes of silver in the water. If you are walking in the shallows or along the beach especially on a calm day keep an eye out for eIther their tail fins sticking out of the water as they burrow in the sand looking for food (called "tailing") or look for a milky patch of water, noticeable against the usually very clear water of the Exuma flats, where they have stirred up the sand.

Try to sneak up to get a picture...but this can be even harder than fishing because they spook easily!

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