25 Best Things to Do in Exuma


Visit the Blue Hole

Blue Holes are vertical cave systems formed thousand of years ago when the ocean was lower. The second deepest in the world is Dean's Hole in Long Island. There are several near Great Exuma, the easiest to get to is Angelfish hole on Stocking Island. There is also another one at Crab Cay.


Cave diving is dangerous so you should only do it with an experienced guide and if you are an expert diver. That said, they also make for great snorkeling spots. We often visit the Stocking Island one and feed the many fish that can be found around the entrance. There are also Eagle Rays, Turtles and often a lurking Barracuda which makes it a fun spot to do some fish viewing from the comfort of your boat.



Shop in Georgetown

Georgetown is the capital of the Exumas and home to the regional government building. It surrounds Lake Victoria which is also where you can find Minn's Boat rental.


In addition to grocery, liquor stores, a gas station and banks you can find some fun shopping including a straw market and gift shops. Increasingly you can also find people selling fresh produce, coconut water and some crafts on the street.


The farmers market operates most weekends. It won't keep you busy but it is jolly to walk poke around for a few hours. There are also some nice restaurants in and around town. You get the water taxi to stocking island on the government dock.



Eat at the Fish Fry

The Fish Fry is a culinary institution on Exuma and also is a place we go on every trip. It is located just Northwest of Georgetown and is a collection of local bars and restaurants. Often there will be music and a DJ on weekend nights. Our favourite is Shirley's, but part of the fun is wandering around and seeing what is on the menu at different spots.


The local bars will usually have big sporting games on their TV with NFL and NBA particularly popular. It can be a fun and loud afternoon if a locally popular team is playing. 



Golf at Emerald Bay

Designed by Greg Norman, the Sandals Emerald Bay Golf course is recognized as one of the prettiest in the Caribbean. It has 6 holes right along the ocean with particularly stunning views.


It is included for guests of Sandals, but you can buy green's fees if you want to play but are staying somewhere else.



Visit Thunderball Grotto

Thunderball Grotto gets its name from the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball that used this sea cave and cavern as a location. It is a feature on most boat tours that go from Exuma to see the swimming pigs (and other stops).


You swim through a cave / gap (depending on the tide) into an open cavern filled with colourful fish. It is a great snorkeling stop. You will wish you had a waterproof camera for your Instagram post.



Pamper Yourself with a Massage

There are several great massage therapists on the island that come right to your rental cottage. Organizing massages for your family or friends is a nice treat while you listen to the sound of the waves or the wind in the palm trees.



One of the newer offerings on Exuma is an ATV tour. This is a great way to explore the Southern side of the island that is a bit more difficult to visit as there aren't paved roads. Contact information is in the directory.

Explore by ATV Tour



Find Your Sandbar

Finding your own personal sandbar is nothing short of magical. Depending on tides the boat tours (that go for Swimming Pigs) often make a sandbar stop.


Our favourite two spots are Morriah Cay Harbour and Sandy Cay both offer the most beautiful and peaceful sandbars on the planet.



Enjoy the Local Hospitality

While there are so many incredible experiences and things to do and see....the most special thing of all is the Exuman people. 

Hopefully this list has given you a teaser of some of the things to do and see....you will find that you will get the best tips and suggestions from the people you talk to day to day on your trip.

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