25 Best Things to Do in Exuma


Go Snorkeling

It’s nice to keep some snorkel gear with you because you never know when you will just want to take a look at what is down there as you explore the beaches of Exuma.


In addition, organized tours will take you to some great sites in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. The blue hole at Stocking Island (near Georgetown), Sunken Drug Plane and Thunderball Grotto (both on some of the swimming pigs boat tours) are particularly notable spots.



Kayak or Paddleboard in Paradise

Exuma water is clear and it is often very calm - perfect for sea kayaking or stand up paddleboarding. One of the best places to do this from is the sand bars and mangroves of Moriah Harbour Cay which you can access either from Haulover Bay (Rolletown) or the boat ramp at the bridge to Little Exuma.


Many rental homes and hotels come with kayaks/SUPs or there are several local businesses who rent them listed in the directory.   Another must do while visiting Exuma for sure!




Turn out all the lights at your beach house, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy the best light show on earth. Follow the links on the home page to a star and moon calendar to check for meteor showers and other celestial events.


Also download the free app that helps tell you what planet, galaxy or constellation you have spotted.



Visit the Historical Sites

There are several significant historical sites in Exuma that date back to the first habitation of Exuma by British loyalists after the American war of independence. Of note is the Pompey memorial that celebrates a slave uprising led by a daring 32yr old slave named Pompey the rebellion that followed ultimately led to emancipation in The Bahamas in 1834.


There are several other interesting sites including the Salt Beacon and salt fields that were part of salt production and The Hermitage ruins - the oldest building in the Exumas that date to the 1750s - both are on Little Exuma.


And of course, there is harbour in Georgetown named after Captain Kidd the pirate that literally invented burying treasure. Our blog has some of the stories from this period captured so that you can inflict them on your teenagers while driving to the next beach. What we know about pirates on Exuma can be found here.


Visit the Bee Apiary at Exuma Foundation

Great visit for the whole family is to the bee hives and nature trails of The Exuma Foundation. Learn about sustainable farming and some of the local fruits and vegetables and see the bee hives and Exuma honey production.


Exuma is doing some great work to improve the lives of the people of Exuma here is a link to their website.



Visit Sandy Cay

Sandy Cay boasts a mile long sandbar that emerges magically at low tide. The cay is off the southeastern tip of Little Exuma. It is truly an incredible place to visit. It was the location of an epic sword battle In the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie.


Check the directory for tour companies that can take you there. More photos and details can be found here.



Go Fishing

The fishing in Exuma is incredible. Deep sea fishing for Wahoo, Kingfish and Mahi-mahi....reef fishing for Snapper and Grouper......free diving for Lobster.... or trying your hand at legendary Bonefishing. There are many options and choices.


See the full article on how to catch your dinner here and a list of great fishing charters and guides.



Hike of Stocking Island

No trip to Exuma is complete without at least one trip to Stocking Island. There is a great beach restaurant (Chat & Chill). But before you have lunch and enjoy the Swimming with Stingrays or fall asleep in a hammock it is also a great place for a hike.


If you make your way over to the ocean side it is an incredible beach walk and there are also paths up to the beacon. This is where you can see the world's oldest living fossils (Stromatolites), there is a Blue Hole and a beach that is great for Starfish. Here is a link to a hiking map.

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