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Rolle Town Tombs

About 7 miles south of Georgetown is the quiet settlement of Rolletown.   The site of the tombs is well signed from the main highway.  The tombs date back to the loyalist era and belong to Ann McKay, who died at aged 26, and her newborn son.  There is a poignant inscription on hers, the largest monument.   Her husband, Alexander McKay, died just 2 years later in 1794.  Down the hill is the Rolletown cemetery where generations of Rolles are interred....

Now this is a topic of much family debate! 

Ultimately, part of the Exuma experience is visiting a number of beaches and deciding for yourself which is your favourite.   Do you want long sweeping powdery sand, a hidden grotto sheltered by rocks, access to snorkelling or walking distance to a great beach bar?  There are also a number of beaches that offer opportunities to see all kinds of interesting sea life, or in one case pigs trying to impersonate sea life.

Our fav...

While boat tours to visit the swimming pigs of Exuma are more famous, a boat tour from Little Exuma to White Cay is equally incredible.

You won't believe these photos.

(Video source:  JL Powell.  Exumas Youtube. (2012).  Great film capturing imagery and philosophy of fishing in the Exumas)

Exuma is an angler's paradise.   The bonefishing, in particular, is probably  the best in the world.

Bonefish live in shallow water - the Exuma flats.   They are a sleek and muscular silver fish that usually weighs between 2 and 5 pounds with the world record currently at 19 pounds.   While they are very common around the Exumas, they are not...

Here is a great video that Matt Erickson posted on Vimeo.

It looks like they stayed at a beach house on The Tropic of Cancer beach, visited Stocking Island and Santana's restaurant and did tours with Four C Adventures and Robert's Island Tours.    It is incredibly well shot and a lot of fun to watch - it captures the feeling of laid back fun so characteristic of Exuma perfectly!

Music: "Keep Together" by Hunter Hunted

Thanks for sharing!

West of Georgetown is the town of Steventon.  (Follow the signs to the memorial statue of Pompey and the ruins of the Steventon jail.)

Pompey is a national hero who led a slave uprising.

After his cotton plantations failed, Lord Denny Rolle, founder of Rolle Town and Rolleville, and the largest slave owner in the Bahamas, left Exuma and returned to Britain.

The slaves continued to labour in the local salt flats and at subsistence farming, under the watch of an overseer that Roll...

A great side excursion is to ask the water taxi to swing by The Blue Hole on the way to or from Stocking Island and Chat and Chill (usually at the cost of a good tip).   Blue holes are scientific curiosities...caves formed by water erosion when sea levels were lower and the area was on dry ground.  In the 1970s, the marine biologist and tv personality Jacques Cousteau filmed a dive into the hole traveling inside for about 1,700 feet.   In fact he released red vegetable dye during a...

Here is another really well shot video posted to youtube last week that follows a couple's trip from Miami to Nassau to the Exuma Cays - in December 2014.   Some great time lapse work. 

The video captures the downshift in pace and increase in natural beauty first from Miami to Nassau and then again when they move to the relaxed out islands of Great and Little Exuma at about 2 minutes mark.  Wonderful. Thanks for sharing!  

Best of Exuma video by Bahamas Tourism posted on youtube in 2011 but still a great video summary of the things to do on Great Exuma and Little Exuma.


Features video and interviews about Stocking Island, Chat & Chill, Santanas, Georgetown, The Fish Fry, some of the best beaches on Little Exuma, snorkeling and highlights from the boat tours and ecotourism.


A great summary of things to do and see.

Exuma is famous for the Bonefish that inhabit the sand flats and mangroves.  They are most plentiful around Little Exuma, particularly the mangrove (south) side.  That said, they can be spotted all over the island and tend to feed in shallows in as little as a few inches of water, feeding with the incoming tide.  


They sometimes follow stingrays and feed on the shrimp and crabs that are turned up in the sand.


First identified and classified in 1758, their Latin name, Albu...

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